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Affordable Pet Wellness Express
3350 MacArthur Road Whitehall PA 18052

Visit us at our physical facility in Whitehall for complete services or
any of our mobile clinic locations for routine veterinary and preventative care.

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Find a Clinic" for dates, times and locations for a clinic near you!

A clinic by any other name, just is not the same!
We offer free physical exams with any vaccine purchase!
We follow the latest recommended vaccination protocols (including 3 year Rabies vaccines and 3 year distemper/parvo "Canine Distemper" and FVRCP " Feline Distemper" vaccinations to avoid the unnecessary over-vaccination of your pets!
We only recommend vaccinations that best fit your pets' lifestyle!
We do not offer unnecessary nor ineffective vaccines!
We provide antibiotic treatment for minor infections!
We offer heartworm testing and carry cost effective heartworm preventatives!
We offer the 4DX Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichia and Anaplamosis testing!
We have had many Anaplasmosis positive pets,
and this disease is not covered by the non-comprehensive 3DX test!
We have an online pharmacy to provide you more choices at better prices!

Newest "Veterinary Only" flea and tick preventatives available for purchase online and at our clinic locations.
We are more than just vaccines!
                Radiology Services Now Available!
New Services!
Allergy testing for food and inhalant allergies!
Oral allergy desensitization formulas!
Natural alternatives for arthritic conditions!
Vaccination titer test, determining if vaccination is necessary!
Prescription Pet Foods for Common Conditions!

Affordable Surgery now available at Affordable Pet Wellness Express including spay, neuter, and affordable dental cleaning and extractions!
And we will continue to expand our services to offer you the best quality veterinary care available at an affordable price!

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